Friday, September 25, 2009

Greetings from Maine!

It is my wedding anniversary, and I promised my wife when the campaign was over we would take a long weekend (at least!) We are in Maine for three days as she has never been up the beautiful coast.

I read this morning in the NY Times a wonderful written/artistic/photographic piece by Maira Kalman about her love of NY City, her appreciation of the 300,000 city workers who care for the City and the sense of optimism and competence that dealing with them brings to her. Everything from clean streets, to a diverse work force to the lighting of the sewage tanks is impressive. Of course, she also mentions how Bloomberg doesn't work behind closed doors.

I suggest that you take 2 minutes to look at it, and see if you get the same vibe that I did that one would never equate Menino's Boston with Bloomberg's NY.

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