Friday, September 04, 2009

Debate in Roxbury tonight

A good debate in Roxbury tonight, the Mayor and the 3 challengers were there. A lot of talk about eliminating the BRA, clearly the audience wants that, a lot of talk about enforcing the Boston Jobs policy.

Surprisingly, Sam Yoon and the Mayor got into a heated exchange about the CDC's. I gave Sam credit for saying exactly what I wanted to say last night when the Mayor brought up how all the heads of the CDC's endorsed him.

They have to endorse him because he controls their funding. This is exactly what Sam said, and the Mayor angrily denied it. The Mayor insisted that no one is forced to do anything by him.

I was going to tell the story of a campaign volunteer who was recently trying to get a job with a CDC who stopped working on my campaign because they were afraid that the CDC wouldn't hire them if it was found out they supported me. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time.

I just wish Sam had spoken up about this for the last 4 years that he has been councilor, my same issue with Michael. NOW they tell us how corrupt and intimidating City Hall can be.

Definitely, picked up more voters as I talked about my experience hiring Boston residents and minorities, and how I would enforce PILOT payments: by not giving permits to institutions that refuse to pay their fair share.

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