Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Details to Menino's giveaway of $95,000 to his BRA "friend"

***Menino Gives Away $95,000 to BRA Insider***

Kevin McCrea says, “Tom Menino is constantly telling the citizens of Boston that we don’t have enough money for schools and police. This is an example of why: because he is giving away our valuable assets for pennies on the dollar to connected insiders.” On June 19, 2009 BRA insider James Rourke (who is orchestrating the BRA and Harvard led zoning changes for Allston) gave Tom Menino a $200 campaign contribution. Ten days later, Menino sold a parcel of land, two buildable lots, that the City Assesses at $99,400 but is likely worth much more, to James Rourke and associates for $5,000. Menino’s signature is on the Deed. This land was surplussed by the Boston City Council which included Sam Yoon and Michael Flaherty. McCrea finishes: “This sort of giveaway which all three of my opponents were involved in, will not happen under my watch.”

Information and Evidence

Owner’s Name: James J. Rourke

Occupation: Senior Project Manager, Boston Redevelopment Authority

Purchase Date: 6/29/2009

Parcel Address: Prescott Street, Hyde Park

Parcel Number: 09528

Parcel Size: 10,000 square feet

Assessed at: $99,400.00

Sold for: $5,000.00

Contribution Amount to Thomas Menino: $200.00

Contribution Date: 6/19/2009

Deed (approved & signed by Thomas Menino): See Attached

Link to Parcel Map:

Link to Value Assessment:

Link to Contribution:

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O'Reilly said...

$200 !? If I were Menino I'd be outraged. What's the donation limit?

Do we know the cost to the city of the property and the market value appraisal because if a deal was made for substantially less than it's worth, we should sue.