Saturday, September 05, 2009

Flooded with emails about other waste and corruption at City Hall

I am getting bombarded with people telling me more examples of the waste, fraud and abuse going on at City Hall and in other City Departments. It feels like people finally believe there is someone who, like them, cares about having an honest, well run city not just one that takes care of Menino's buddies.

Here is an example:


I absolutely agree with Kevin McCrea. I worked at XXXX office in City Hall. A lot of backoffice deals go around there.

By the way, there must be an independent group to oversee the abuse of power with regards to spending unrealistic money... For example, the CIO of Boston has his best friend working part-time and being paid $200 per hour....he also has his former assistant who flies into Boston to work a day or two. He's also hiring Gardner Consulting when there are budget problems....why all of these people and what's there purpose when the City has a budget crisis?

Be sure to go to the 7th must meet the archaic, unfunctioning, and rude very old receptionist...she sleeps on the job! This position could be wiped out or hiring someone younger who could be awake on the job.

Kindly keep me anonymous.

Of course, I'm busy campaigning and meeting people so I don't have the time to follow up on everything. But the big point is that I will put an end to all of this. While we all know what has been happening, Yoon and Flaherty have stood idly by while Menino has done his patronage deals.

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Christopher King said...

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty Kevin.

Good job!