Monday, September 14, 2009

See Kineavy emails that City Hall has "lost"

I've posted eight emails that are either from or to Michael Kineavy that City Hall has lost or scrubbed out according to the Boston Globe.

I will be forwarding these to the Secretary of State's office for further review. Secretary Galvin's office has been very helpful to me in the past in getting public records requests fulfilled.

Unfortunately, I have little faith in the investigative bodies in Massachusetts discovering or prosecuting public corruption.

However, you can do something about it, you can elect me Mayor and as of this November we will have an administration that truly cares about transparency and open government. That is the power that we still have as citizens, we can vote in the type of government we want.

Please vote on September 22.


the zak said...

Forensic computer services can retrieve the emails from partitions on computers, computer machine code, from data residues. Contact the SIPB Student Information Processing Board

NCIS, CSI and other screenplays describe the retrieving of deleted data.

Christopher King said...

Smile Kevin you're on YouTube again, telling the Truth via

KingCast says Kevin McCrea's voice of experience in dealing with Menino Administration Open Records violations shines through.

KingCast pics and vids of this morning's McCrea/Yoon/Flaherty press conference regarding the Menino administrations willful violation of Open Records laws and email deletion. The deleted emails may have ties with Diane Wilkerson, an indicted former State Senator. Like I say, if that is true, there is much more to her story than meets the eye because if she was in any way corrupt, you can't be corrupt in a vacuum.

At his blog, Kevin McCrea shares some of the missing emails that the Boston Globe couldn't obtain pursuant to their public records request. He maintained them on his own computer :)

Here's a story about Mayor Menino and his buddy (read: Chief of Policy and Planning Michael Kineavy) and their willful email destruction of public emails. Here's the Globe version, Slack and Levenson on it. Here's the Bostonist story, "Here's a post from earlier today regarding the Open Records lawsuit of McCrea et al. v Flaherty et al. 71 Mass. App. Ct. 637 (2007). Gosh knows I've seen MA big business and NH government get away with Bloody Murder when it comes to destroying emails. Those of you who know this blog know that very well; I'll put up links tomorrow if I feel like it but the relevant case law is all over this blog as recently as last year.

Okay here's a linky to the Hopkington NH revision on emails and a bit about my lawsuit for public emails on public and private computers against thankfully former State Rep Martha McLeod, who repeatedly lied in connection with the Franconia shooting tragedy that is the subject of next month's book by Casey Sherman, "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains." A protectionist and intellectually dishonest court threw my lawsuit out without a hearing. That's how they do it in New Hampshire. Read the lawsuit on iPaper at
KingCast McLeodF (with Mayor Menino update)

PS: We all know that no email is ever truly destroyed; it's really a matter of whether or not the Court will enforce the friggin' law. Judge Reginald Lindsey (RIP) -- in a multiple Plaintiff lawsuit in which I was involved -- did not. Perhaps that's why he was overruled on other major cases like the Silver Bullet case with Kevan Fulmer.

Anyway, the press conference is Monday morning at City Hall. See you there, or you can watch it right here!

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Christopher King said...

Yes Zak indeed I am aware and thank you for the specific local contact.

I probably will sue for it because it's one thing for the government to go after it, but it's another for us citizens to go after it.

And as you can see from my blog page I already have a ton of relevant law.