Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Update on Licensing Board

It has amazed me how no one, not one, politician at City Hall seems at all remotely interested in the fact that a liquor license (perhaps the biggest neighborhood quality of life issue of all) has been remotely interested in the fact that a liquor license was granted without a hearing according to the FBI in the Wilkerson affair.

Well I did a Freedom of Information request and just got some information in. After briefly glancing at it, it does not appear that the "Deja Vu" was on the agenda for the day in question.

The Licensing Board has hired the outside law firm of Rankin & Sultan to represent them in this matter. Interesting that they needed to hire counsel just to handle a public records request. Unfortunately I'm too busy to really look into this, but if there are any reporters or interested citizens out there with interest in the matter I'd be happy to share this stuff.

It would be nice if some of our elected officials who profess to care about transparency would look into this....Flaherty? Yoon?


the zak said...

Who are the people on the board?...

the zak said...

We need to develop a website, blog where we can post our Boston City Hall FOI Freedom of Information public records enquiries, requests that others can send in similar or the same enquiries, requests. We need a website, blog with listings of public meetings held that aren't really open, public meetings not announced publicly, minutes not recorded understandably like the minutes of our Boston City Council.