Wednesday, March 04, 2009

First new TEA party at Red Fez-3/22/09 5 to 7 pm

It is time for new TEA Parties in Boston: Transparency, Ethics, and Accountability

Not the first words that come to ones mind when you think about Boston government, it is time for a Change!

We are holding our first fundraiser at the RED FEZ in the South End on 3/22/09. Our first choice of restaurants backed out because they were afraid of retribution from Mayor Menino who supposedly helped them get the necessary licenses they needed. (That's funny the Mayor's office says officially they have nothing to do with licenses in the City of Boston--Does anyone believe him???) Nice democracy we have here in Boston, eh?

Random late night thoughts before I get up and serve Jury Duty tomorrow.

I have been very pleased with the progress of our campaign. The community papers have been fantastic, the Globe and Herald will hopefully come around, we did our first WBZ interview today, WBUR has been great, my campaign manager Jon Tracy has me giving 6 speeches this week and 10 next week, and people are very responsive to my calls for an open honest transparent government which values education as its top priority.

Sam Yoon's campaign manager called and left a message for swearing at me and threatening me. Apology accepted.

Of course, I still haven't received an answer from Sam on why he voted to give a political insider a $20,000 raise to boost his pension by 40 percent. His campaign manager said Sam was "going along, to get along" but I'd like to hear that directly from Sam.

Michael Flaherty hasn't answered that one either.

Menino hasn't responded to my public records request to show how much money we have and what interest we get on it and how much we owe and what interest we pay on that. Hard to believe him about anything when he won't even tell us what our liabilities and assets are.

A poster asked the question of why Menino would threaten layoffs in an election year. I don't believe he will lay off a single teacher. If he does, it will be the height of arrogance or at least admitting that he doesn't value education as much as I (and at least Sam Yoon) do. There are tons of other cuts that need to be made before we cut one teaching job. If Menino plays politics with this and lays off teachers because they won't play ball with him, but he doesn't lay off people in other areas that are not as crucial to the future of the City it will expose where his priorities lie: with whomever will support him. A true leader will make the determination of what is best for the citizens and act accordingly, even if it is difficult politically.

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Peter said...

You've more than earned my vote for taking on the BRA, Kevin. They are a outdated corrupt menace and few have dared to take them on.

I grew up in Boston, the son of a former BRA employee and a real estate Lawyer, and I have watched the BRA and Menino duo utterly destroy neighborhood after neighborhood in their quest to gentrify every corner of Boston with absolutely no concern for the people or historical legacy. It has destroyed much of our local color - what makes Boston so uniquely Boston.

As someone who literally grew up with the same Mayor year after year, I am excited for the potential that next year may bring the change Boston has long needed.