Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pension ploys by Menino, Yoon & Flaherty

The Boston Globe has an editorial today against the pension ploys done by our elected officials.

The Globe spells out one of the abuses: legislators must find the courage to stop basing the pensions of public employees on their last three years of earnings. Politically connected employees game that system by finagling higher-paid jobs at the end of their careers. Public pensions should be calculated on average lifetime earnings.

I am planning on going to court in the next couple of weeks to expose just one example of this that Flaherty, Yoon and Menino were all in on. The increasing of the salary of Paul Walkowski by 40% over the last less than 2 years he worked for the City but over 3 calender years which allowed him to bump his pension at the expense of the City taxpayers.

You can see the video of the City Council doing this (in my opinion) in violation of the Open Meeting Laws here.

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