Sunday, March 29, 2009

FBI crime statistics show Boston is much more dangerous than New York

A friend who thinks I should talk more about how dangerous the City of Boston is sent the following email:

From the FBI – 2007 is the latest year of complete crime statistics by city:

Boston has almost double the rate of violent crimes (per 100,000 population) versus New York City.

Boston’s murder rate is almost double that of New York City.

A woman living in Boston is four times more likely to be the victim of rape than a woman living in New York City.

Residents of Boston experience property crime at a rate of more than double residents of New York City.

In summary – Mayor Menino SUCKS and hasn’t done a damn thing in 16 years to make the City of Boston a safer place to live.

You can see the statistics for yourself.

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pbusma77 said...

dear mr. mccrea i was the victim of a very violent crime due to an altercation involving two groups of employees who worked at a restaurant in the back bay. The bars employees(the foggy goggle)was responsible for my being stabbed in the head with a large kitchen ,splitting my head open and leaving me permenentley scarred city hall refused to give me a hearing because the owner is boys with menino