Thursday, March 26, 2009

State House rally for BPS

Did you make the rally? There were easily two hundred people there, the Mayor, many city councilors, and state reps from Brighton to Dorchester. It was very organized, with a band, banners, and printings. There were toy plastic shovels with cards for people to write notes to Governor Patrick about how the BPS was "shovel ready". They were planning on piling up the shovels outside Deval's door, and then lobbying their reps and senators.

I talked to the Mayor on his way out and said "why don't you just sell Hayward Place and this deficit would be over?" and he replied "I sold it already". I told him he could take it back from the BRA by eminent domain but he smiled and kept on walking.

Make no mistake, if the Mayor wanted to he could end this deficit in the BPS now, with the help of the stimulus dollars we already have.

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