Monday, March 16, 2009

Positive Feedback for standing up for Gay Rights!

I have received many, many 'thank you's' for not Marching in the St. Patrick's Day parade. I'm happy to report how easy it was, and how good it feels to do the right thing. While other politicians twist themselves in knots trying to explain their double motives, I just say "we can not tolerate bigotry in our society". I think Boston should be a leading city, that other places look to emulate, and being an accepting and tolerant place is the direction our world needs to go in.

We were walking home Saturday night from a friend/campaign/birthday dinner in the South End when a group of ten rambunctious gay men came through Blackstone Park and asked us to take their picture by the fountain. One of them saw my button and said "yeah, McCrea, we are going to vote for him he's not marching in the Parade". I introduced myself as the actual McCrea and we all became fast friends after a discussion about the fashion faux pas of one our members having pleated pants. They immediately asked us over for drinks, and instantly had a party of about 16 people to their beautiful penthouse on West Concord Street. It was really a great time, and and nice affirmation for me not marching in the parade Sunday. Instead, it turns out one of them has a condo in Southie which they invited me over to for the parade!

Remember the book, "Everything I needed to know I learned in Kindergarten!". It talked about treating others with respect, and treating the GLBT community with respect is as simple as that.

An example of emailed comments I've received from strangers:

Dear Mr. McCrea,

Thank you for not marching in the discriminatory, anti-family, anti-American South Boston Allied War Veterans Council parade on Sunday, 15 March 2009.

I have sent messages to the two other challenging candidates stating that their marching loses them my vote.

The cause of justice is against them. The demographics are against them (young people overwhelmingly support civil rights for gay people). Frankly, political common sense is against them, because this pandering will backfire.


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Queers United said...

Thank you for standing up for LGBT equality and human rights.