Friday, March 13, 2009

Fundraising Request! Please donate to bring real change to City Hall!

Dear friends,

The hardest part by far for me of campaigning for office is asking people for monetary donations. Standing up to corrupt politicians and asking tough questions, facing judges in court to try and make City Hall obey transparency laws, and participating in debates are child’s play to me compared to having to ask you for your hard earned dollars. Those who know me know how frugal I am with my money, as I’m sure you are with yours, yet even I have been moved to contribute money to good candidates, to try and build a better society for all of us. I hope I can convince you that my campaign is worthy of your financial support as well. So, I am humbly asking for your donation to my campaign and thanking you in advance for even considering it. I am running as an outsider, as someone who wants to bring transparency, ethics and accountability to government -- a new T.E.A. party if you will. Iwas knocking on doors in Charlestown this past weekend and an elderly widow said to me, “When you get in, I know there is a big honey pot, could you just please not take too
much of the honey and leave some for the rest of us?” How bad is it when the people just assume that everyone involved in politics is taking from the jar?
I want to change that, at least here in Boston. I’m not running to take, but to give – to give back to society what I was given: safe neighborhoods to grow up in with good public schools. The schools I attended were filled with teachers and coaches who genuinely cared, who encouraged and supported the thirst for knowledge and achievement that has made this country so great. I want to build the best city school system in the country and the safest streets -- and we can’t do that without honest and transparent government, that we can hold accountable for every dollar spent.

Please find out more about what I am proposing at I ask for your donation: $10, $25, up to $500. Every bit helps, helps to send out emails, flyers, put up signs and pay for staff. You can mail a check to:
Kevin McCrea Campaign to Elect
218 West Springfield Street
Boston, MA 02118
Any U.S. citizen or permanent resident can donate. I cannot accept any anonymous donations. All donors must provide a name and address, although donations under $50 need not be publicly recorded. Individuals can donate up to $500. Donations over $200 must include the donor’s occupation and employer. Those under 18 can donate up to $25. Make checks payable to "Committee to Elect Kevin McCrea."
Or donate online through our website,
Thanks for your support, and if you can help in other ways or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at

Kevin McCrea

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