Monday, March 23, 2009

Emergency Alert- A Park sign in Boston without Tom Menino's name on it!

I was out door knocking in Brighton on Saturday and I walked past the Mckinley Park on Faneuil Street and I saw something so shocking I had to stop and catch my breath.

It was a sign at the entrance of the park which outlined the rules of the park, told people to 'enjoy your park' and it did not have the Mayor's name on it! God forbid that a park sign somehow acknowledge the communal ownership of the people's land, and not that it was granted to us like King George used to impose taxes on us. If it wasn't a weekend I would have called the parks department immediately to make sure that they changed the sign quickly so that people wouldn't get the misplaced vision that anyone other than Tom Menino was to be thanked for the fact that we have public spaces.

Imagine, whenever there is another Mayor no money would have to be wasted to change the name on this sign!!! What a concept!

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