Monday, March 23, 2009

More Open Meeting Law violations by the BRA in the City(?)

Many people have sent me links to the Jamaica Plain Gazette article about the BRA basically ignoring the Open Meeting Law, somehow trying to claim that the planning of the community is not something the public should be allowed to see.

As WBUR recently reported when they said to BRA chief John Palmieri "Your boss Tom Menino..." the Mayor is in complete control of the BRA, and so the BRA throwing reporters out of what I believe should be an open meeting is something the Mayor should have to answer for.

Make no mistake, the Mayor controls the BRA, which controls planning, development and even some tax policy for the City of Boston. If you don't believe the press and public should have access to the decision making process, than he is your man. If you believe, like I do, that the public should have not only access but input into decisions that affect your community, than please support me.


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the zak said...

It's despicable that none of our city councilors take up this important matter strongly. The councilors that refer to it only do so too intermittently.