Friday, September 23, 2005

Who is Sam Yoon?

He wears a Menino Button on his lapel, then tells an audience he didn't know he had it on his suit, even though his well paid media consultant was with him at the time. Then he says it was a mistake to have it on. (You don't know what political buttons you are wearing? begs credibility!)
He tells me that he won't reintroduce the community stabilization act, then announces before an audience that he will reintroduce the community stabilization act.
Today he sent out a flyer that would seem to indicate that he and Felix Arroyo are running together. But a call to councilor arroyo's office indicated that Felix is endorsing no one, and that they have been getting a bevy of phone calls about it and they say they have nothing to do with Yoon. In the Banner Yoon says that he will be effective where Felix hasn't been.

Jim Spencer is Yoon's paid consultant, he does not work for Arroyo. However that doesn't stop Spencer from sending out cards with Yoon and Arroyo's face on them as if he represents them both. Politics is dirty business!!!

Yoon said the other night he would like to see paid community organizers. Would that be just another arm of Menino's in the city. Another paid guy to keep an eye on the people by BIG BROTHER like the police guy that channel 4 just nabbed yesterday.

Then he said he would institute a progressive tax rate. So I asked him if he had any details of the plan, did it mean taxing million dollar houses more than 200,000 dollar houses? He said "yeah, maybe something like that". I said do you have any details on your website or your literature? He said "no, you know I run my campaign differently from yours" then something about not putting out any details and not wanting to answer questions.

We need independent people who have their own thoughts and ideas, not people who hang onto coattails.

I liked how he took the Sam Ellis article that said he was a nerfball and needed to learn the issues and spliced the opening bit and the closing bit to make it sound good, very clever. Karl Rove would be proud!

Finally, I do give him credit for being a gentleman, we've actually had a couple good laughs about things, he is a funny guy. As I've said to him a few times, just be yourself!

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