Thursday, September 15, 2005

Flaherty Opposes BioLab! (After the labor council meeting of course)

Michael Flaherty came out against the biolab today. I applaud him on his decision. I called his office to offer my thanks as a constituent. The Mayor called him "misinformed....he doesn't understand the issue". Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black. Maybe the Mayor can explain why the city is kicking in 4.5 million dollars of our assets when we don't have enough money for cops and teachers. I don't think BU needs the money that bad.

Maybe now Flaherty will bury the hatchet with me, we can sit down and help give the city council power back over the BRA and work out a plan to not exclude councilors, the press and the public from the decision making process. That is what a true leader and uniter would do. How can Flaherty hold meetings that excludes democrats and even someone he endorsed, Felix Arroyo?

It is interesting to note that he waited until after the Labor Council Endorsement meeting to oppose the Biolab. I wonder if people will start portraying Flaherty as a Flip-Flopper like John Kerry. Let's see how actively he campaigns against it.

Further I think this is a good sign for the city. Michael Flaherty is a very smart, politically cunning person. He would not oppose the Mayor unless it was politically wise to do so. I think he is feeling the same political winds of change that I am. People think it is time for a change, and having a city council that just does exactly what the Mayor wants is not appealing to the masses.

With Felix, Sam and I in the race the voters clearly have an alternative to the typical old boys network that Flaherty has been leading on behalf of the mayor for the last few years.

This chink in the armor could be a good sign for Maura Hennigan, and for those of us who speak out for democracy, and open, transparent government, not the closed door, exclusive meetings that Flaherty has been running.

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