Friday, September 02, 2005

Bruneli and the sad parting of the purple haired debutante

Today was Bruneli's last day, her thoughts on the campaign :

My experience working for Kevin McCrea has been productive, informative, and overall fun. From door knocking to phone calls to finding out who lives in a pineapple under sea has been productive as well as informative. I enjoyed meeting new people when we went door knocking and listening to what they had to say about their city. I lived in California for the past five years and finally moved to the so called great city of Boston to find out all the horrible things that are going on and no one is aware of. I never understood the logic of politics until I started working for Kevin. We as citizens have the right to know what is going on with our city but there are so many backdoor meetings going on that the only way we find things out is when there is an announcement about rich land being used for luxury condos, instead of the money going towards education and better housing. People with higher connections get the best of the city. Money definitely plays a major role in politics. I had a simple task to do throughout the time I worked for Kevin. I had to find out how much those blue oval welcoming signs cost and it was the longest process ever. It took me a month to get results. I left the department of neighborhood services messages and they were never returned. I called them and asked questions only to get turned down, wrote a letter requesting information and never got anything back. Until this day I still do not understand why it took so long.

Overall I enjoyed giving people reasons why they should vote for Kevin, why we need someone like him to make a difference because he is nothing like the other candidates who are running for city council. Kevin does not have to wear a suit and tie to convince people to vote for him, he is perfect the way he is with his bright red McCrea t-shirt. Kevin understands the concept of politics and he knows exactly what he needs to do to make Boston a better city and I support him all the way. It has been great and definitely had a greater outlook on how the system works. Politics have never been my thing but it got my attention this summer. I learned alot working with him and I wish him the best of luck and I also thank him for the opportunity to make Boston a better city.

Thanks Brunelli, study hard, have fun and not too much smooching in college!


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