Monday, September 26, 2005

Kevin's Top Ten list of Candidate Predictions...

1) Kevin McCrea-Bostonians stand up for truth, honesty, transparency and the American Way!
2) Flaherty-Plenty of money and machine, and he has kept the council in line.
3) Arroyo-near unanimous minority support and widely respected.
4) Murphy-in low turnout, he gets his supporters out.
5) O'Malley-Union support in low turnout pumps him up.
6) Connolly-Money and organization bring him up with a bullet.
7) White-Will the Globe article hurt? Could be as high as #2 if women want one of their own.
8) Flynn-How far will the name carry him?
9) Yoon-Can he attach his name to Arroyo's star?
10) Althea-Could surprise with her core voters.

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