Saturday, September 17, 2005

Comedy Show Thursday--putting the Fun in Fundraising!!!

BIG FUN!!!!!!!

This Thursday September 22, 2005 from 7 pm to 8pm we are holding a comedy fundraiser at Wally's Cafe, the oldest Jazz Club in Boston and my favorite bar in the City. They are located at 427 Mass Ave near Columbus, near my place. Check out always book a Wally's Band!

Comedian Paul Nardizzi, who has been a frequent visitor to Late Night TV graciously offered his services to help me get
elected to City Council and bring some truth, honesty and professionalism to that body. Wally's never has a cover, as no righteous bar should!, but we are asking for a suggested donation of $20.

We look forward to seeing you there for fun and fundamentally changing the way government treats the people.

Help us fund my new TV adds which question why our taxes are going up in Boston about 10 percent this year, and answers it by showing the giveaways orchestrated down at City Hall.

BIG THANKS TO PAUL NARDIZZI whom I look forward to meeting. He just read about me and wanted to help out.

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