Friday, September 02, 2005

Citizens Corner and a citizen's answer

After my appearance on Michael Dare's Citizen's Corner show on BNN, I received a number of phone calls and comments. I didn't know that Michael is a close friend of Michael Flaherty and works on his campaign. I have so much to learn about the city. Even so, I think Mr. Dare was extremely objective and professional in how he treated me and I thank him for having me on his show. He did show a bit of favoritism towards Eddie Flynn, but hey, they are both from Southie and Ed is a really nice guy. So, no complaints at all. I also appreciate him echoing my comments about the importance of voting, I've seen him say it before, and I applaud him for making it an issue. Even Jimmy Kelly said he saw me on the show and said I did a good job.

Following is one of the phone calls we received from an anonymous source:

I saw you on the citizens corner, you do know that the program is controlled by Flaherty. That man is one of the campaign workers for Flaherty, councilor Flaherty. Also, uh, don't forget to comeover to South Boston for our sidewalk day when they close the street off, we have close to 5,000 people that day and i hope and wish you the best of luck because WE NEED NEW LEADERSHIP in the city of Boston. I'm tired of the same old, same old and so are alot of people, so make sure you come over and we'll be on the street looking for you and I wish the best of luck and the Boston schools system is a complete total failure. MCAS tests the same level as New Bedford, the capital city, an absolute disgrace."

I thank this person for his comment and encouragement, it really is what keeps me going. When I meet people I've never met and they tell me how much they appreciate what I'm doing. I don't think of myself as some great leader. I can think of many more accomplished people in the city that should be on the council: Head of DND, Head of Boston Foundation, Head of Boston Community Capital. We do need new leadership, not a group of sycophants who kowtow to the mayor.

One more thing about the TV appearance. I think one of the callers who called in was a friend of mine, Paul, who coaches south end baseball with me. This was not planned, and I do not "plant" callers to call in. The first time I was on BNN people advised me to have people call in with questions, but I said no to that. I will answer the questions that come, from whomever would like to ask them. So, it was interesting to see John Connolly on Joe Heisler's show before me had a caller who asked "John, I see that you are a lawyer. Do you do any Pro Bono work?" Of course I can't tell for sure, but it sounded pretty canned. I do know John has done pro bono work so it was an opportunity for him to talk about it. Just thought you 'd like to know some of the 'tricks of the trade'.

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