Friday, September 16, 2005

Herald Slams BRA & Maloney

Nice article in the Boston Herald today about BRA chief Maloney and the fiasco's that he is behind at the BRA. The agency is dishonest, unprofessional, non-transparent and Menino should be held accountable for his appointments. Hope he doesn't skip town before I subpeona him for the Open Meeting Lawsuit. As Chuck Turner said today at City Hall, people need to start jumping up and down and saying the negotiating is over, we need to take back citizen control of our government.

They don't respond to councilor's concerns, let alone the citizens.

They are stonewalling Jerry McDermott about why the Mosque was sold for less than fair market value.

I wonder if Mike Ross has received his answer about why the BRA lied to him about Red Sox proceeds going to the city instead of the BRA as they allegedly promised him.


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