Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Adding Insult to Injury....

A reporter called my cell phone today and said "...Michael Flaherty.(?)....",
somehow she had my cellphone number down next to his.

Many people today have asked me to continue the blog, any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

My next verbage which I hope to be an essay but what will probably be a diatribe, will be on Racism in Boston, which is a topic that I believe is dividing this city, much more any discourse we are having about it would let on I am even more convinced of that after traveling to the far corners of the 02 zip code zone. I was very gratified and thankful that Chuck Turner voted for me, my work in Roxbury has not gone on deaf ears.

Thanks very much for all the kind calls and emails today, especially from Ed Flynn and Matt O'Malley. Don't cry for me Argentina, though, I'm the one that is married to Clara (watch out for her tri-lingual candidacy) and I had 4 buildings offered to me today, and I was hired for another consulting job as an expert witness.

Interestingly I got a call Monday from Christine Colley from the BRA who told me that my request for the Boston Jobs Policy numbers on a recent south end project would be treated as a Freedom of Information Request. Nice to know that they don't just answer questions when you ask them. You would think they would be proud of the "great" work they are doing, and would send our press releases of their strong commitment to Boston workers.



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