Wednesday, September 21, 2005

McCrea Intern Rap

This is the PG version suitable for all, because we know the sucker MC's on the other campaigns can't take the heat, and aren't fire....

The McCrea Intern Rap
By: Amanda Barros, Jaime Bezek, and Kate Dormeus

Summer at McCrea’s
Ain’t no boring days
We’re knocking on doors
No shoes on McCrea’s floors
Jaime and the girls,
Watch Kevin’s baton twirl.
This job ain’t no game
We’re pushing Kevin’s name
No more backroom deals
More meals on wheels.
Tryin a make a better Boston
No matter what its costin’.
Ask specific questions
Or you’ll quickly get rejected.
Take excellent notes
‘Cause were tryin to get votes
Be polite on the phone,
Or you’ll be sent home
Show people the name
So Kevin grows in fame
In this campaign you can’t buy luck,
So your stance on the issues can’t suck
Kevin doesn’t need to worry about that
His promises are down in white and black
Were going around the city
To places great or gritty,
To tell the citizens hello
And about a candidate they should know
15 candidates…….Who would you choose?
Don’t know? We know a dude
What else on the campaign?
We need to finish this rap game!
What else did we do?
We went to nursing homes too!
We went down to Wingate
And had some three year old cake
It was nice and chewy
And even a little gooey.
Jeff had some real fun
His day ended with a gun!
The BRA is whack
But Mayor Menino got their back
Hey voters pick up the phone
Cause you know you’re home
We’re tryin to make a difference
Won’t you people ever listen?
That’s why you got no house
And an uneducated spouse.
Shout out to Bruneli and Shiloh the dog
Check us out on Kevin’s blog
Kevin likes to play James Brown
Look for him in your town.
So on election day,
Vote Kevin McCrea!

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