Friday, September 23, 2005

More Corruption with City Government

Where are our fearless city councilors speaking out about this? I'll bet not one peep from the menino 9 about this waste of our taxpayer dollars. This was on CBS 4 last night.
I'm currently working with one of the major news sources in this city about an ongoing giveaway to some businesses in the city. As soon as we (hopefully) break it, they will change their ways. It shouldn't be like this.

Joe Bergantino, Reporting(CBS4) BOSTON An exclusive I-Team investigation. Your hard earned taxdollars going to waste. Our hidden cameras catch one of Mayor Menino’spolitical operatives tucked away in a high paying job in the BostonPolice Department. I-Team reporter Joe Bergantino has the disturbingresults of a two month investigation.Until recently, Jim Sullivan was one very lucky guy. He’s Mayor TomMenino’s top political operative in Brighton. And he’s been head ofthe Boston Police Department’s Central Supply Division, a city jobthat has paid him $97,000 a year. His responsibilities: to keep track ofall of the Boston Police supplies, as well as seized property andevidence stored at this warehouse in Hyde Park.A demanding job? Well on one particular day Sullivan shows up for workat 11:56 a.m..At 3:09 p.m., our cameras watch Sullivan leaving for the day.Total time on the job: 3 hours, 13 minutes.So what else did Sullivan do that day?At 3:20 p.m. our hidden cameras caught him grocery shopping at RocheBrothers in West Roxbury.By 4:24 p.m., he was back to his apartment in Brighton for the rest ofthe afternoon.An unusual day for Jim Sullivan?No.The I-Team watched Sullivan for several days over several weeks.His routine: Get to work in the afternoon and leave after only a fewhours.Average number of hours worked: about 3 hours a day.On two of the days we trailed Sullivan, he didn’t go to work at all.His time sheet? It says he was at work for eight hours every one ofthose days.Joe Bergantino: “We’d like to talk to you about your work habitssir. We’ve watched you over several days over several weeks, some daysyou worked about three hours, some days you didn’t go to work at all.You indicated on your time sheets that you were there, why did you lieon your time sheets? (No response)“You’re the Mayor’s neighborhood coordinator here, did you getpermission to not go to work? C’mon, answer our questions sir.”Jim Sullivan: “I appreciate the opportunity but any questions have tobe answered through the department.”Joe Bergantino: “Well, you’re the one who didn’t go to work,you’re the one who was working three hours a day.”Jim Sullivan: “Excuse me.”Joe Bergantino: “Does the Mayor know about what you were doing? Didhe? Why won’t you answer that?”Jim Sullivan: “Thanks for the opportunity but I won’t be making anycomment.”Neither is this woman, Sullivan’s secretary, Ann Bisceglia. Shehappens to be the wife of one of Mayor Menino’s closest friends.According to the police department, Bisceglia fills out the time sheetsfor all employees at Central Supply, including Sullivan.She knew when her boss was or wasn’t at work.So how did the Mayor and Police top brass handle this political hotpotato? Classic damage control. After learning we were watching someoneat Central Supply, they quickly figured out who it was. Before we wereable to ask a single question about Jim Sullivan, they suspendedSullivan without pay for five days, demoted him, and took away his citycar. Boston Police claim they just happened to be doing their owninvestigation into Sullivan’s work habits.Joe Bergantino: “So the timing of all that is very, very curious?”Kathleen O’Toole, Boston Police Commissioner: “Well, I assume thatwe have some of the same sources that you have.”We know that’s not true.As for the Mayor.Mayor Tom Menino, City of Boston: “We took action right away because Iexpect everyone to do a full day’s work for a full day’s pay.”The reality is Jim Sullivan had a sweet deal. He is politicallyconnected and collecting a huge salary for showing up part time.How does that happen?Mayor Tom Menino: “I know him, I don’t know him well, but I knowhim.”Joe Bergantino: “Did you have any role in placing him there?”Mayor Tom Menino: “No. I had no role in placing him there.”Joe Bergantino: “Even though he’s your campaign coordinator fromBrighton?”Mayor Tom Menino: “A lot of people work for me and my campaign.”Keep in mind, Jim Sullivan wasn’t fired for what amounts to stealingfrom taxpayers.He’s still on the police payroll, now making $83,000 a year. As forSullivan’s secretary, the wife of one of the Mayor’s best friends, apolice source tells us she won’t be punished for filling outSullivan’s falsified time sheets because she wasn’t the boss. Onebig question here-how many other political operatives are tucked away inno-show jobs in Boston city government and how much are they costing allof us?

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