Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Signature gathering!

I was all around the city today from Downtown, to the South End to Hyde Park to West Roxbury. Everywhere I went there were City Workers taking vacation days to gather signatures for the Mayor. From union electrical workers to neighborhood liaisons to people who wouldn't say what they did. Why are they so sheepish about asking what they did today? You would be think they would be proud of, and advertise the fact that they are so proud and excited about their candidate that they would take a day off work to gather signatures for a political figure that inspires them.

If any non-city workers took a day off from work to gather signatures for the Mayor or for Mr. Flaherty, I would love to hear from them and will post their answer here.

This is why I have proposed that we change the municipal elections to coincide with the federal elections so that more people get involved in the electoral process, and our elected officials are less dependent on city workers for their votes which I believe weights their decisions toward city workers and not necessarily in favor of what is best for all the citizens.

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Ross Levanto said...


I took the day off yesterday to collect signatures for the Mayor. I live on Beacon Hill and work in Waltham, Mass. in the private sector.

In the area of the city where I canvassed (Back Bay and Beacon Hill), I believe there were two other volunteers that were not city employees, as well as one volunteer who was.

I met you when you first ran for City Council. You attended the Beacon Hill block party, and I admired the fact that only two candidates (you and Matt O'Malley) were there.

Granted, I am biased, but I think the whole "city employees taking time off to get signatures" story is not really a story. If employees did not take time off to campaign for their boss, that would be a story to me. If I had to campaign for my job, I know I would.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

Ross Levanto
Beacon Hill