Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Globe doesn't get the whole story with McCann

As I wrote about yesterday, Tom Menino cancelled the contract with Paul McCann. The Globe wrote about it today. But didn't mention Menino at all, nor the fact that Menino controls the BRA or as Dot Joyce explained to me yesterday: "He is the Mayor, he has a lot of influence."

We really need the press to connect the dots. Still, it will be sad if the Globe shuts down this week, we need more investigative reporting, not less.

Adrian Walker writes a column about it, mentions he is a good friend of Menino but still doesn't make the link that this has all happened under Menino's watch.

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Ripped off by a Boston Lawyer and gagged by the Court said...

The Truth hides right out in the open in mass media but sometimes you meet people who will tell it.

There are a lot of people in Dorchester ready to hear you bring it, Kevin.