Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Picking up supporters and contributions one at a time...

We received an email yesterday that is typical of many of the converts to our campaign:


I moved out of Boston's South End 2 years ago to Somerville but I still work in downtown Boston and I am excited that you are running. I have long been dissatisfied with Mayor Menino and his lack of vision and further lack of action on so many important issues facing Boston in the 21st Century.

Specifically I am dumbfounded at how pedestrian and bike unfriendly Boston really is and Menio’s lack of leadership in this area. We have example after example of new roadway development without thought or consideration to accommodation pedestrians or bikes. The new waterfront development was basically a blank canvas and not one bike lane. The re-design of Mass Ave, no bike lanes and narrow sidewalks. Washington Street, Huntington Ave and Commonwealth Ave, no bike lanes and narrow sidewalks. Menino fist
proposed a master plan for bike lanes over 10 years ago and now he is simply recycling the same plan and meanwhile Boston has only 1 mile of bike lanes in place. Boise Idaho had over 100 miles of bile lanes. As far as pedestrian friendly streets places like New York City, Seattle Washington, and Portland Oregon are all considered leaders in this area while Boston wallows in 19th century ideas. The thinking seems to be “it’s always been done this way and there is no need to change”. If elected your number one act in office should be to replace Tom Tinlin.

Even though I no longer live in the city of Boston I am deeply committed to change. I am ready to donate my time and energy as well as financially to bring this change about. Right now I am looking for a candidate with vision who can bring Boston into the 21st Century.

I wrote him back about my support of public transportation, and my plan to have a 20 year Department of Public Works outline of what streets will get repaved and designed for more pedestrian and bicycle use. I received the following back from him:


Thanks for getting back to me, I wrote the same e-mail to Sam Yoon and Michael Flaherty before I realized you were running as well. Sam Yoon never replied and Michael Flaherty replied with a non specific caned e-mail. OK, I'm impressed with what you have to say so far and I just made a contribution to your campaign via the pay pal like on your site. I'm also interested in doing some volunteer work for your campaign so I look forward to hearing from your campaign manager as well. I'm open to talking or having lunch some time just let me know.

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Sarah S. said...

This exchange is full of misinformation. If you or your friend had read this year's Boston Bikes report, you'd have seen that the program installed about seven miles of bike lanes, not "one," with much more in store. And I hope that sidewalk comment doesn't suggest that cyclists belong up there. That's one of the most dangerous ideas about urban cycling around. Moreover, real cyclists know that bike lanes can be a dangerous quick fix in certain physical layouts, so throwing them down everywhere may cause more harm than good, forcing cyclists into the dooring zone. The program's education and awareness efforts made a difference in my life. I'm grateful for this program, which is one of many reason's why the Mayor has earned my vote this fall.

Here's the report, by the way: