Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Keeping options open, like our esteemed Mayor


Today was the first day for citywide candidates to fill out applications for their nomination papers at the Boston Election Department in City Hall. The nomination papers are subsequently available on April 28th, at which point all candidates can begin the process of collecting signatures to place their names on the ballot. In Boston, 1,500 signatures are required to be placed on the ballot for City Council and 3,000 are required to seek the position of Mayor, extremely high numbers in comparison to other major cities. Mayoral candidate Kevin McCrea has made the decision to request nomination papers for both Mayor and City Council, in an effort to ensure that the citizens of Boston are able to hear his voice despite his status as a political outsider.

“My first priority is to be elected Mayor and give the citizens of Boston the honest and accountable leadership they deserve,” says McCrea, “However I am the first to admit that I do not have the same access to money and special interest influence that my opponents have. They are all entrenched politicians who have been involved in ‘go along to get along’ back room deals that have favored insiders at the expense of the public. I still want the opportunity to change this city, and that is why I am keeping the option of running for City Council open.”

“My priority is making sure that my message of open, transparent government that answers to the citizens realized. The citizens need at least one elected official at City Hall who is looking out for their needs, not the needs of political insiders. We need someone who is going to identify and eliminate waste, make the BRA accountable, and prioritize education and public safety. We are still trying to determine the best path for that to happen.”

The campaign has worked with the City of Boston elections department and through them the City Law Department to determine that this action is allowed within current election law.

For questions about Boston’s election requirements and guidelines, please e-mail the Kevin McCrea for Mayor Campaign at Information about Kevin McCrea’s full platform can be found on his website, His campaign manager, Jonathan Tracy, can be reached either through e-mail at or phone at (503) 502-3101 or (617)267-2453.

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