Monday, April 06, 2009

public records request for michael flaherty

I am posting a copy of my public records request I made to Michael Flaherty since his office seems to have a hard time receiving them. What we do know is that Michael is learning lots of things from me: transparency, the importance of Open Meetings, and now about the corruptive ways of the BRA and Hayward Place, so maybe he will find the public records request here while he is poaching ideas and jumping on my bandwagon!

Dear Councilor Flaherty:

You asked an important question of the BRA at the community meeting in Dudley Square last night. What are you doing about
Hayward Place? As you are no doubt aware, Hayward Place, which was owned by the citizens of Boston and valued at approximately
23 million dollars was given away by the Mayor to the BRA for free. I believe this happened while you were City Council President.

In addition the developer who was designated by the BRA gets to keep all the parking revenue estimated at about 3 million dollars a year while
he decides what to do with the property. The City gets no money in real estate taxes while the BRA owns this property.

Could you please tell me if you have ever held any hearings about Hayward Place, or called for any hearings on the property? Did the subject
of Hayward Place ever come up while you were negotiating for two years with the BRA in illegal back room deals to extend the power of the BRA?

Finally, under the Public Records laws I would like to formally ask you for a copy of any and all letters or motions you have written to the Mayor, the City Council or the BRA
about Hayward Place.

Please let me know that you have received this email, as your office has had a difficult time receiving public records requests.

Kevin McCrea

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