Thursday, April 09, 2009

And just like that, the school deficit is over!

As the Boston Globe is reporting the City of Boston is going to receive $21 million dollars in Title I money from the federal government through the state.

What this means is that now there does not need to be any cuts to any teachers in the Boston Public Schools. I wrote about this back in January. How did I know what the final result was going to be even though I don't have access to the numbers that the Mayor does? Because he is not being honest with us about what the budget really is. He wants to create a crisis so that he can increase taxes to hire more non-essential workers who will be loyal to him.

This is not a way to deal with people, unions, teachers, students or the public at large. Someone who is so disingenuous should not be re-elected, nor should others who are complicit in this charade. We need to be honest about what the budget is and make value judgments on where to properly spend our money.

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