Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back room deals in Boston-smell the corruption!

By a 3 to 1 margin our poll indicates people believe there are back room deals going on in Boston.

I recently took a Friday night off to take my wife out to dinner. I accompanied her to the hairdressers first where I picked up the Back Bay Courant. It had its usual report from Banker and Tradesman on properties sold in the City. It listed two properties sold by the City of Boston on Broadway in South Boston to a Mark Cummins for $40,000 apiece.

Something didn't smell right so I had one of my campaign staff do some research. Sure enough Mr. Cummins was smart enough to make a campaign contribution to Mayor Menino last November for the full amount of $500. Pay to Play is alive and well here in Boston!

Deposit Report
Thomas Menino
Deposited 11/24/08
Mayor of Boston
The Menino Committee

Check: Cummins, Mark 10 Buker Corner Ln. Braintree, MA 02184 Contractor Mark Cummins $500.00

This is why I'm proposing selling all of the excess land that the City owns that doesn't have an identified specific purpose such as for a school, park, or road. This will raise money, increase our tax base (lowering taxes for the rest of us), and encourage building and growth, thus creating jobs. It would also take away this Pay to Play system we have in Boston which keeps our incumbents in place because they can raise so much money from developers and those that work with them. Why do you think a contractor from Braintree cares so much about Boston politics that he gives the maximum amount of money to the Mayor? I don't think it is because he cares about the Mayor's ideas for the schools.

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