Thursday, April 09, 2009

New candidate for Mayor or City Council at Large

While I was out door knocking today in Jamaica Plain I met Sean Ryan. He is an extremely intelligent young man who attended Boston Public Schools (Latin) before going on to Harvard where he majored in music.

He has become extremely concerned about the state of the United States, the separation of the have's from the have-nots, monetary policy and the double speak of politicians. In other words, my kind of guy. We had a lengthy talk about the Federal Reserve, hyper inflation, Keynesian economics and Friedman economics, and of course: motorcycles.

He took a tour last year of all the Federal Reserves around the country on his Harley Davidson. He was thinking about running for Mayor this year, but he thinks he has decided to run for City Council at Large. You can read about him at his website:

Later on I was at the Haitian American get together of parents with kids in the BPS. I received a warm welcome and met with Jean-Claude Sanon who is also running for City Council at Large. His major issues are violence and education. Funny, those are the two areas that Menino is threatening to cut the most from this year's budget. His website is

Both of these men would clearly offer more than the banal vicissitudes we receive from City Hall currently.

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