Sunday, April 26, 2009

The rules don't apply to Menino....

We attended the Dorchester Chili Cook Off this afternoon at the IBEW. There is a huge parking lot with tons of parking available but that is never good enough for the Mayor. He parked his hybrid SUV in the No Parking Fire Lane zone while he was inside pressing the flesh.

Perhaps I could understand if he needs to park in no parking areas for city business, but this is purely a campaign event and he is using a City Vehicle for campaign purposes. But when did the rules ever apply to Boston. There is still a City Ordinance that the City provide 2500 police officers to the citizens of Boston but we don't have that.

I really believe that holistically when common people see their "leaders" ignore the rules and not set a good example that they start to believe that the rules don't apply to them either, and the fabric of society deteriorates. Would it be that hard for the Mayor to park in the parking lot and walk one hundred yards?

As the scribes say "symbols matter".

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opencourts said...

Well yes indeed it probably WOULD be hard for Hizzhoner to walk that 100 yards. He doesn't look that fit in his body, much less his mind. Kevin you keep on ballin' on the playgrounds with the real people my man -- maybe one day you'll get to ball with the High-Ballers too!

Well, heck you already beat some of those High-Ballers on another court:

Superior Court, McCrea et al. v. Flaherty et al.************

You know that SUV picture (I'll park wherever I want to park) reminds me of retrograde mentality, kind of like the scene at Flaherty's retrograde disco party last weekend, just a bunch of folks getting drunk.

Take a look_1Lonely disco ball amidst a few dead soldiers.

Take a look_2More dead soldiers, which is what you have to be in the brain -- dead -- to vote for Menino or Flaherty.

You should go ahead and hold your own dance or music party Kevin, I heard you were going to have one -- you can do better than that!