Sunday, April 26, 2009

Busy Saturday!

Let Menino try to top this schedule!

8 a.m. at the job site to talk to site foreman and move the dump truck for street cleaning

9 a.m. Attend my neighborhood Boston Shines event and clean out the nasty alley on Wellington Street. Menino even has his name printed on the work gloves they hand out. Is there anything he doesn't put his name on? What did that cost?

11 a.m. Opening Day Little League in Jamaica Plain. Many people are interested in our brochures although some do it on the sly saying "I'm really interested in what you have to say, but my wife works at City Hall and the Mayor is right there and I can't be seen taking one of your fliers."
I speak to a Puerto Rican mother well set up in her folding chair who sends her kid to Catholic School. I asked if she tried the public schools and she said her son went to the Ohrenberger and she took him out after less than a month because the school was so bad. I am hearing similar stories all over the city.

12:00 More City Clean up, this time on Washington Street in Dorchester, and then over to a BBQ and circle drumming by some local Native Americans and neighbors. I met a City of Boston employee, a city street worker who is assigned to Upham's corner. He had just been hired a month ago. I thought we had a hiring freeze in place? Everywhere I go, without even looking for it, I find that the stories that come out of the Mayor's mouth don't match up with the realities in the City.

2:30-6:00 Door knocking in Jamaica Plain on Moss Hill. Meet a number of new folks, and encouragingly some people whom I had never met who say they have heard of me and that I have their vote. Also ran into some old friends who had moved from the South End.

6:30 Meeting with supporter about fund raising party.

7:00 Dress up and join Clara and some friends at the Wang Theater for Sleeping Beauty by the Boston Ballet. A friend of ours was in the ballet and a group of us came to support. We got to go back stage which was neat!

Walk home and in bed just after midnight, need a good night's sleep before getting up to play basketball at Malcolm X park.

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