Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Will the Mayor be Transparent?

The Mayor says he will be transparent with the budget. I will take him at his word. I sent my first questions off to Lisa Signori today to try and find out why the Mayor is proposing a 6.25% budget increase when the rest of the world is trying to stay at even keel.

For Lisa Signori:

1) In her presentation she said our interest income will be down 20 million dollars. What is the source of the principle of that 20 million dollars? How much is it, and where is it kept? How much did we receive in FY 2009 and how much is she projecting in FY 2010.

2) She indicates 11 million additional dollars in interest payment and debt payment. What is our debt payment amount, how much debt do we have, and what interest are we paying in FY 2009 vs. FY 2010.

3) The $55 million dollars for additional salaries she projects is a 5% increase of 2009 vs. 2010. Why does she project a 5% increase in salary, is that what the union contracts the Mayor negotiated called for?

Thank You,
kevin mccrea

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