Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Go Bernstein, Reilly and those Nutty Bloggers!!!

I heard a story last night from someone that said that Menino was recently at a local political watering hole (foley's?) telling those assembled that he had 18,000 city workers that would vote for him, and that the press is in his pocket and won't write anything critical except for the Phoenix and some nutty bloggers!

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Steve said...

That would make sense. I've been trying to get somebody, anybody to do the work to expose this budget crisis fraud - and nobody will write about it. If anyone hasn't seen my other posts - next year's statutory increase in the property tax will offset even the armageddon scenario cuts from beacon hill leaving only $400 million in recurring, non-guaranteed revenue which MIGHT fall by some $40 million or about 1.5% of the overall budget. So where's the fire? Looks like a giant hoax to convince people we need more taxes.