Friday, January 30, 2009

My first sign has been torn down!

In the first sign that the thuggery of old school Boston Politics is alive and well, one of my supporters reports that our campaign sign was ripped off of a building in Roxbury.

This is exactly the type of undemocratic bullying that I have come to expect from Boston politicians. Freedom of speech to them means that they are free to speak behind closed doors to work out their back room deals.

I'm hoping that we use some 20th and 21st century technology to off set their 19th century mentality. If you see someone tearing down our signs, or defacing property, try and catch it with your cell phone camera. We will post it online and expose the scofflaws!

One of my friends who is a "City Hall Insider" warned me about this type of stuff before the campaign started, he warned me that they will go through my trash and stop at nothing to make things difficult.

As usual, I'm not intimidated or impressed by their actions and I call on the Mayor and Michael Flaherty to publicly come out and speak out about against this sort of behavior.

I went to the State House forum on openness and transparency put on by Mass Inc. today. It didn't shock me that no one from City Hall was there to discuss openness, transparency or accountability!

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POPS said... do you know who took it down? it could've been anyone.