Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Super busy!

I was on Neighborhood Network News with Chris Lovett this afternoon speaking about the budget and other matters. Sit down interview with one of the weekly papers tomorrow, and radio interview after that.

I will write my more complete thoughts on the budget later, but we need to finally make the non-profit institutions start paying their fair share. It is conservatively estimated that if the colleges and hospitals and other non-profits paid the "suggested" PILOT payment of 1/4 of what their regular tax would be the the city would have an additional 80 million dollars every year. Councilor Murphy has brought up this issue many times, we need leadership on this issue. If I was Mayor I would not allow any further institutional expansion until agreements were made assuring the city of reasonable pay for the city services of fire, police, etc. that those institutions use.

The next great sapping of our rightful money comes from the BRA. They should have to pay tax on their revenue generating property. Most importantly the Mayor needs to stop giving away our property for free. Heyward Place and Winthrop Square garage on their own would generate enough revenue to end the budget crisis for this year. Why did the Mayor give that property away for free? Who gives property away for free? Maybe someone who is getting a lot of campaign contributions from developers and the lawyers they use?

I agree with Councilor Flaherty who has jumped on my transparency bandwagon: It is time to end the back room deals at City Hall. My administration will do that.

-Eliminate No bid contracts
-All BRA and City of Boston transactions available online

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