Thursday, January 22, 2009

Press Release-I'm running for Mayor!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE-Campaign to Elect Kevin McCrea Mayor of Boston!
January 22, 2009

“I am running for Mayor of the City of Boston,” announced Kevin McCrea. “It’s time for a change at City Hall, and I will bring that change.”

“We need to end the cycle of career politicians. I am a businessman, and I am running as a common citizen. I’m independent, I’m informed, I have fresh ideas -- and I believe in honest government that includes the citizens. I’m not locked into a political system that dictates I must ‘go along to get along,’” states McCrea.

“I am going to end the waste and abuse in Boston City government. I will ensure that all of our public officials, boards and agencies are held accountable for their decisions. Honest, open and accountable government will enable us to build an exemplary school system based on neighborhood schools, to lower taxes, and to provide better services to all our citizens. Under my leadership, Boston will have great public schools, the safest streets, and the most environmentally green government,” McCrea promised.

McCrea is well known as a good-government activist who asks the tough questions. But he’s proven he’s not just all talk. In 2005 he sued the Boston City Council for violations of the open meeting law, and after a four-year struggle, he has won. His blog,, talks about big issues: Why has Mayor Tom Menino given away hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of City-owned property to the BRA? Why doesn’t Boston have transparent government? Why have the ranks of City Hall employees increased, while the population stays level and student enrollment falls?

McCrea is passionate when it comes to our schools and the education of our youth. “We have so much administrative staff. We should use more of our resources for teachers, to reduce our class size,” says McCrea. “I’m going to do my homework and report on where our money is going, so we can finally give our kids what they need to succeed.”

McCrea is a resident of the South End. His company, Wabash Construction, has built several “Best of Boston” projects, and specializes in historic renovations. His developments have been recognized by the National Parks Service for their historic significance, and even awarded historic tax credits. In 2002, he completed a BRA project in Roxbury and voluntarily sold 20% of the units as affordable housing.

McCrea has a long history of civic involvement, working with the New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans and Boston Community Capital in Roxbury and Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans.

McCrea has been active in the Big Brother/Big Sister program and coached South End youth baseball. He served as an advisor for the carpentry program at Madison Park Trade School in Roxbury.

McCrea is an active member of the Claremont Neighborhood association and a member of the Ward 9 democratic committee.

He is kicking off his campaign tonight at 7:00 pm at the home of Kevin Barry and Barry Mullen, 55 St. Marks Road, Dorchester, MA 02124.

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Rob said...

Kevin, how would you contrast yourself with Sam Yoon, who if he runs, will be doing so presumably on a similar platform as yourself. Best of luck going forward, it's a great thing for the city to have a competitive race no matter who one supports.