Saturday, January 03, 2009

My prescient TV commercial from City Council Race 2005 is on Youtube!

If I couldn't be elected, at least I could say I told you so! My video whiz brother posted my city council TV commercial from 2005 on Youtube.

Notice that I told about the corruption with the Roxbury Mosque that the Boston Phoenix just recently wrote the full report about, and of course I promised to keep my eyes on City Hall, something that someone should have been doing, and the Feds finally did.

What were the other candidates promising then?

Menino: ???
Murphy: more PILOT payments
Flaherty: safer streets
Yoon: everything would be better

As John Wooden would explain in his pyramid of success, first you learn to put your socks on correctly before you run. In Boston, first you have to end the corruption, waste fraud and abuse before you figure out what to do with the money.

Here is the link:

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