Saturday, January 03, 2009

No behind the scenes support for Maureen Feeney hiring a special investigator

I have been calling various city councilors this week to get their take on Maureen Feeney's hiring of the $50,000 or so consultant to look into Chuck Turner. Of course, these fearless leaders won't come out and say anything but "off the record" everyone I spoke to was against it, calling it "outrageous". One made the point that remember this has to be signed off by Menino. What is it that Menino and Feeney have in for Turner???

Could it be that Menino and Feeney are mad at Dianne and Chuck because a perfectly good behind the scenes deal involving all four was done with some liquor licenses, some raises, etc. and everyone ended up good and then they had to go and ruin it by getting cash payments on camera? As Howie Carr would say, where is the bagman?

Notice that Feeney and Menino aren't hiring any special investigators to look into the licensing Board!!! It takes two (or more) to tango, and Chuck and Dianne wouldn't have gotten any money if the licensing board wasn't involved.

With the City saying we have to lay off teachers and cops, I say the first one to get laid off is the $500 an hour judge.

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