Monday, January 05, 2009

City Council still hasn't hired the Judge to Look into Turner despite what Feeney and Ross say.

I received the following email from the City of Boston Law Department today:

I apologize, with holidays there have been overlapping vacations. The First Assistant who handles all contracts such as Judge Swartwood's was out today but will be in tomorrow. I left your contact information and asked that you be sent all contract documents when such documents are sent to the other news outlets that requested the documents. Therefore, I can only assume that the contract is still in the process of execution.

So, it is now January 5, 2009 and despite Councilor Feeney saying they have hired this judge, according to the Law Department they haven't hired the judge. The contract should be a public document that obviously many of us in the news would like to see so should be released as soon as they sign it. Unless of course they are hiding something, but the City of Boston would never do that.

Congratulations to Councilor Ross on becoming president, and I applaud him for saying he will post everything online. Here's a suggestion, make sure the Green Sheets are posted every week so everyone can know what things can be brought up for a vote at any time.

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