Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Great Obama Inauguration Party tonight co-hosted with Amanda Barros and MoveOn.org

We had a great party tonight in honor of the inauguration of Barack Obama. Young and old, people of all persuasions came to together to celebrate the end of the worst presidency in my lifetime, and the hope that positive change has come to America.

We were graced by the presence of native American poet Blackfoot Warrior who honored our guests and me with an original poem:

Our People's Struggle

We believe We believe
Now It's Done! A change has come
You've been swore in,
But your not alone do you stand we the
people will be with you hand-hand

With the strength of the people behind you
The course you will stay,
Upon your shoulders lot's of pressure
been laid.

We the people just that with your
guidance, wisdom, knowledge you'll
bring us out of the is darken tunnel
for in you vision you can see the light
cause our vision and yours are the same
make the future brighter

That's why we believe in change and you
all Americans are (one) weather
red, white, black or blue
that change has come for me and you!

Our Co-host Amanda chimed in:

Hey Kevin,

I just wanted to give you kudos for opening up your house to the community to celebrate this monumental moment in our lives. I think we did an amazing job inviting people who are very open-minded and seemed committed in helping out with changing the world. I thought it was really cool how the older people who attended the event were eager to mingle with the younger folks. After leaving and during the course of the night, my friends and i joked on how random and "mixed" the party was. We all thought it was cool to be around older people who are very inspirational, educated and friendly. Not say that the professors and administrators are not like that at UMASS but, we've never interacted with them in a setting like last night. Anyways, i can ramble about last night but, I'll end it here.

Lastly, my friends wanted to send you a huge thank you and said they'll friend request you (on Facebook) to keep in touch. I tagged all of them your recent wall photo so it would be easier for you and them to make that connection. For future parties, you might consider ordering more food.lol Alright, my vacation is officially over and now i have to get myself back in the school mode.


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