Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yoon announces to debate audience that Kevin McCrea doesn't have the temperament to be Mayor

There was a Mayoral forum tonight on the Arts at the Piano Factory in the South End. Flaherty, Yoon and I all came, of course the Mayor was a no show.

Things were very cordial, until Sam Yoon answered a question about what City Hall could do about helping the smaller arts galleries survive. He sidestepped for a moment and told the audience that I didn't have the temperament to be Mayor. When it came time for me to answer the question, I asked Sam to explain why I didn't have the temperament to be Mayor and ceded time to him.

A discussion ensued and Carol who asked the question said that she would like to hear Sam answer. Sam then went on to describe how I'm an activist and that is a valuable role in society. In other words, he didn't answer the question.

So, Sam: could you please explain why I don't have the temperament to be Mayor? Is it because I ask too many questions and I hold people accountable? I've had two phone calls and a flyer from your office to my house saying that you answer any questions, so please answer this one.


Feargal said...

The word on the street from people actually at the event is that Sam was responding to you calling him and Flaherty "inside players" and blaming them for the Mayor's sins.

Whatever you think of Michael Flaherty or Sam Yoon, remember that they are giving up their seats in government to try to change the city.

It is good that Sam Yoon had the courage to call you out. You deserve it.

At the event, Sam Yoon said that he values your work as an activist for the city - he just said he questioned your temperent for the job. That's not surprising after you dismissed everything that he has done for the city. In fact, in the Globe last week, you called him "full of shit."

If you realy wanted to change Boston, you woud be training your fire on Menino - not on the people who have the guts to take him on.

If you wont be respectful of them, and are merely out to pad your vote tally, then it's obvious that you don't care that much about bringing the change we need to City Hall.

I look forward to seeing this on your blog.

Steve Wintermeier said...

Feargal-I went through Sam's record as listed on his own website to find out what he has done for the city - in all honesty I don't think I saw a single major accomplishment. I saw lots of things about hearings and meetings - but I only saw one or two things where an actual accomplishment was listed - and those seemed to be rather small issues. If Sam has pages and pages of accomplishments listed on his website and it turns out only one or two of them actually resulted in anything happening and those were relatively minor issues, doesn't that make him full of s&%t? Sam's a smart guy and a nice person - and I'd love to see a McCrea/Yoon battle rather than either of the other two machine pols - but I think Kevin's major fault here is calling a spade a spade unless you can come up with more accomplishments than Sam has listed even on his own site.