Friday, August 07, 2009

Some kind words for the candidates

As I prepare for charity whiffleball this weekend, I wanted to say some nice things about all the candidates running.

Running for office is an intimidating, stressful, exhausting task. As Tom Keady said on TV yesterday, "the first day is great, you open your campaign office, there is euphoria and then the second day comes and it is the loneliest day of your life."

I was thinking about this last night after speaking to the JP progressives. As I was talking with a reporter and some city council at large candidates, Tom Menino showed up in his black SUV, got out by himself as his driver swung around the block, and walked over and shook hands with all of us, just one greeter. It was about 8:30 at night.

The Mayor has a wife, children and grandchildren. Sam and Michael both have wives and kids, I have a wife. We all spend so much time away from them, it is very difficult on the families.

There are over a dozen city council at large candidates running, and I see them too, all over the city, often by themselves or with one campaign person. Everyone puts their lives on hold, and the vast majority of them are not doing it for the money or the power, but because they want to make their communities better.

I cringe when I read nasty, personal comments on the Globe, Herald, or blogs about these candidates. They all deserve respect for putting their names out there, for being scrutinized publicly, and for working hard putting sweat equity into democracy.

I can be very critical, but I try and always base it on facts, and stay away from personal attacks. We do need to hold all the candidates and elected officials accountable. Honest, respectful dialogue is the path to a better city.

I wish everyone good luck, and enjoy the weekend.

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jready said...


I agree with you. This is a feeling that can only be understood by those that have taken on the task of running for public office. I've been watching your campaign and I wish you all the best on your run for Mayor this year.

-Joe Ready