Monday, August 10, 2009

City Council Hearing on Compliance Today

Today at 11:00 the City Council will have a working session on job compliance and the BRA with the Recovery money that is coming into the City. This is not being held in the City Council chambers so it will not be televised. Michael Flaherty has been talking about how the BRA needs to be more transparent and how their meetings should be televised. Shouldn't he first make sure that the City Council meetings and hearings are televised?

This is typical doublespeak out of politicians. Until Michael Flaherty makes all the city council hearings and meetings and working sessions televised, he is really the pot calling the kettle black.

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the zak said...

Please put your Neighborhood Network News interview by Chris Lovett on youtube, a more compatible site than the vimeo site they're using.

Families fortunate enough to have a computer may not have the budget to upgrade to the latest and greatest operating system of the last 3 years needed for vimeo. youtube is more compatible with Computers of the last 10 years or so.