Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Menino-No one but him cares about Boston

WBUR did a great piece on the Parcel 3 process and how corrupt it is. Please take a listen and a read. The most outrageous comment I've heard from Menino yet is the following:

Menino had harsh words for his opponents. “They have nothing else to do,” Menino said. “They haven’t accomplished anything in their careers. I’m trying to do a decent job in the city, but you’re listening to guys who don’t care about the city. They only want to make headlines. I’m trying to move Boston forward.”

I may have my differences with Councilors Yoon and Flaherty, but they have both accomplished things in their lives, and I would never say that they don't care about the City.

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John Mc said...

I confess I was shocked by that comment as well. he's effectively calling all of the city council a bunch of do-nothings...