Monday, August 24, 2009

Press release about my position on the public schools

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Kevin McCrea’s Position on our Public Schools

Please find attached Kevin McCrea’s position on the Public Schools in Boston.

The highlights are as follows:
• No cuts to the school budget, teachers, or programs
• No expansion of the cap on the Charter Schools
• As Mayor, he will visit every school in the system every two years to accentuate the positive, and fix the problems
• Insist on good schools in every neighborhood, so we can move to eliminate busing and put that extra money right back into the schools

Kevin McCrea says: “Education will be my number one priority as Mayor. I believe in equally excellent schools for all of our children, not just a few lucky enough to win a lottery. I am a product of public schools, and I received an excellent education in those schools, so I know that we can provide an excellent education for our children in our public schools as well.”

“Our Public Schools are good enough for the progeny of Candidates Flaherty, Menino and Yoon, why aren’t those schools good enough for all of our children?” We spend about 40 percent of our City Budget on the School system so I don’t think it is too much to ask that our Mayor spend 20 percent of his time, one day a week, on visiting the schools and ensuring that we have great schools throughout our city. Kevin McCrea made that simple promise four years ago. If the other candidates had shown that same work ethic over the past four years, we wouldn’t be reading stories about the atrocious state of our schools, and school sports programs, and the terrible drop out rate.

About the Charter Cap, McCrea says: “As a recent Boston Globe article by James Vaznis highlighted, the Charter Schools are not taking their fair share of English Language Learners and Special Education students. Not until the Charter schools take a more representative group of students should we be talking about expanding the Cap.”
“I look forward to the hard work required to make sure all our students get a great education.”

Kevin McCrea’s full platform can be viewed at his website Kevin McCrea’s campaign director, Antionetta Kelly, can be reached either through e-mail at or phone at (617)267-24

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