Monday, August 10, 2009

Boston Licensing Board doesn't get or receive their emails

If you have emailed the Boston Licensing Board to give an opinion on one of the cases in front of them and have received no reply or satisfaction, here is the reason:

Hello, everyone.

The Licensing Board's Executive Secretary recently informed NEWRA's ZLC Committee that the email address posted on its website, , is not valid. Apparently, emails sent to this address are either not received or not picked up by the Licensing Board. If you have sent a recent email to the Licensing Board regarding Nick's Deli (see attached application) or any other licensing matter, I advise you to resend the message to the Licensing Board's Executive Secretary, at I have asked the Licensing Board to let me know if/how this situation has been corrected (see request below).

I believe this is more reason that the Licensing Board postpone the hearing for Nick's Deli to a later date!

Dave Kubiak, Co-Chair
Zoning, Licensing and Construction Committee

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Sun, Aug 9, 2009 12:06 pm
Subject: Fwd: Application for license by Nic's Famous Deli

Ms. Lorizio,

I am forwarding this message from my neighbor, xxxxx, because I understand the email address on the Licensing Board's website ( is not valid. I hope the email process is corrected by the Licensing Board soon, and I fear dozens, possibly hundreds, of communications to the Board have gone unreceived for years. Please let me know how this is resolved.

David Kubiak Co-Chair
Zoning, Licensing and Construction Committee
North End/Waterfront Residents' Association

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