Sunday, August 09, 2009

Weekend News: Is the Mayor Laundering ....Laundry?

Unfortunately, my team the Banana's did not fare too well on the whiffle ball field this weekend and I only contributed a walk and a single. We did match up well with the vaunted Boston Beef for 5 innings before some late home runs put us away. However, the Big Winner was the Travis Roy Foundation which raised even more money than last year which is impressive in these difficult times. Thanks for all who contributed!

A reader sends this observation along (unverified):

i was in lavanderia cleaners yesterday afternoon leaving off some laundry.a gentleman came in wearing a shirt and tie. he had a boston police badge and a gun on his belt. he told the clerk he was there to pick up the mayors shirts.i asked the officer if the mayor was outside. he said no. i then observed the officer putting the mayors shirts into the mayors black suv (which was illegally parked) and driving you think this is an appropriate use of the police dept by the mayor?

Does anyone know if the Mayor gets his shirts done at Lavanderia's?

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Steve Wintermeier said...

I don't know about the mayor - but I get mine done at Lavenderia and they deliver - why would anyone pick up their laundry on-site?